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Steak Chili

Tender pieces of steak gives this chili an uplifting makeover

Weekend football watching parties require big hearty bowls of filling chili! You might be used to the traditional styles with ground beef, but in this recipe, Chung-Ah makes this chili even more tasty by using pieces of steak instead. Inexpensive beef stew meat turns meltingly tender after being simmered low and slow for several hours along with beans, tomatoes, chili powder, and jalapenos. Have a slow cooker? Sear the meat, combine with other ingredients and toss it all in first thing in the morning and it’ll be ready by the time the evening rolls around. No crockpot? Keep things classic and just do it on the stove or in the oven. Either way, you’ll need plenty of cornbread to soak it all up.


Chung-Ah Rhee from Damn Delicious

With a passion for cooking and baking, I love to take quick and easy, simple recipes and transform them into sophisticated and elegant meals.

Chung-Ah is a New York native  who transplanted herself to sunny Southern California a decade ago for school and hasn’t left! Now blogging at Damn Delicious, we love her approachable style of cooking and baking which takes simple base recipes and transforms them into elegant dishes that seem way more complicated than they really are (we won’t tell). Her blog is packed with sweet and savory recipes, often inspired by international cultures, that will inspire your meals every night of the week.

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Use the Oven to Keep Stews at a Simmer

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