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This is a recipe for sunny weekend afternoons, when a bit of extra time in the kitchen is no problem. The classic spring ingredients of strawberry and rhubarb are in their most delicate form with this macaron recipe, inspired by the patisseries of France and bright spring flavors. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Edeker


Strawberry Rhubarb Macarons

From Springtime in Paris to your kitchen

Currently one of the most popular imports from France, macarons are a light, meringue-based confectionary . Their airy biscuits, which sandwich sweet fillings, are typically made with egg whites and almond flour—and a lot of patience. The batter can be tricky and temperamental and requires about 2 hours to make. But never fear, Gina has run the gauntlet of failed recipes and emerged with a beautiful and simplified recipe for the home cook. The macarons still take time, but fresh macarons you can make at home are worth it.

For this recipe, Gina champions one of the most famous springtime flavor combinations: strawberry and rhubarb. This fruit and vegetable (rhubarb is actually a vegetable!) come to the peak of their seasons in the months of April and June, just as weather is warming up. Pairing these flavors with the macaron results in a confectionary dream of delicate, pink sandwiches bursting with the flavors of spring and the elegance of a Parisian patisserie.


Gina Matsoukas

Recipe Developer, Photographer, Blogger

Gina Matsoukas - Running to the Kitchen

My goal is to make healthy food easy, approachable, fun, and delicious. My recipes are usually inspired by seasonal ingredients that look good at the store, and I buy on impulse. I love sarcasm, a good chewy glass of red wine, and feeding people.

Gina doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she has the same laid-back attitude when it comes to food and eating healthy. Rather than advocating for one right way to eat versus another, Gina enthusiastically explores a variety of diets and recipes including vegan, nut-free, and paleo just to name a few. What the recipes on her blog, Running to the Kitchen, share is a common focus on seasonal, wholesome ingredients. From food, exercise, to life in general, Gina approaches everything with humor and an open mind. Once you’ve visited her blog, you won’t be able to keep Gina’s recipes from running through your head.

Head over to Running to the Kitchen and say hello to Gina on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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