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Don’t let those once-a-year affordable berries pass you by, create a classic tarte tatin with a springtime twist. Caramelized strawberries drip down over a flaky golden crust, perfect for indulging–before or after dinner. Ashley, Recipe Hunter

Ashley Kane


Strawberry Tarte Tatin

Sweet strawberries bring a classic Fall dessert into Spring

You’re probably used to the traditional tarte tatin, filled with sugary caramelized apples or subtly sweet pears. Yet, there’s no reason to limit the dessert to fall or winter.Tarte tatins are typically meant to be deceivingly simple, showcasing the fruit, but here Morgan does much more. Using the strawberry, whose sweetness she undertones with red wine and ground pepper, she creates an ideal spring version of the classic fall dessert.  The finished product is still deliciously delectable for sweet tooths but the savory elements enhance the strawberry’s true flavor. After a half hour in the oven, the dough covered dessert becomes golden and flaky. Once turned over, the caramelized strawberries drip down along the buttery crust. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or enjoy the strawberry’s intricacies all on its own. Perfect for a springtime patio get together or a weekend spent at home.



Morgan Perkins

Food Blogger, Photographer, Writer, Recipe Developer

Morgan Perkins

I've always felt that cooking for someone is an act of love. It is an intimate act in which one person creates something to nourish oneself or another. As such, I'm passionate about using high quality ingredients to create beautiful and delicious food to share with the world around me.

Meet Morgan, the warm-hearted and thoughtful food aficionado behind Peaches Please. Once an attorney, she switched paths and went back to her food loving, Southern roots. Growing up with a family of cookbook lovers and living in various parts of the country–from outside NYC, to Wisconsin, and now Atlanta ,Georgia–it’s easy to see where Morgan finds the inspiration for her mouthwatering creations. We think Morgan’s blog is the definition of positivity, a place where both experienced and inexperienced cooks can be encouraged to have new food-filled, and fruit-filled, adventures. Morgan has a range of recipes on her blog, from appetizers and salads such as the Brussels Sprouts Salad to main entrees and desserts. She experiments with all types of delicious fruits, adding unconventional twists on  classic dessert foods such as Orange Pistachio Sticky Buns and Grapefruit Chess Pie. There truly is something for everyone over at Morgan’s blog. Check it out, get baking, and be joyful!
Head over to Peaches Please and say hello to Morgan on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.


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