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Instead of ordering takeout, make your own Thai Yellow Curry at home. In this recipe, Amy uses barramundi as her fish of choice, which can stand up in both texture and flavor to the spicy, flavorful sauce. Sarah, Recipe Hunter

Sarah Lim, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Thai Fish Yellow Curry with Barramundi

Thai-inspired weeknight curry

Red curry? Green curry? Massaman curry? When you look at the variety of different types of curries available at Thai restaurants, each one is made from its own unique spice paste. Some are spicier, others are more mild. Some are smooth and balanced, others are bright and punchy. For this recipe, Amy chooses to use a yellow curry paste as the base for her Thai Fish Curry. It’s mellow enough to not overpower the fish (in this case, barramundi, a sustainable alternative to sea bass) but still spicy and flavorful enough to keep authentic Thai food lovers digging in. Barramundi’s firm, meaty texture makes it an ideal choice to use in this type of preparation, as it holds it shape in the curry, absorbing the flavors of the sauce. So tonight, put the phone down and make your own Thai curry at home.


Amy Flanigan

Food Blogger, Videographer, Mommy, Lover of Cookies

Amy Flanigan from Very Culinary

I believe that food and cooking should be enjoyed and shared. And that almost everything in moderation won't hurt you!

Amy is the blogger, recipe developer, and cookie lover behind Very Culinary, where she shares her collection of easy and fun recipes. What we absolutely love about Amy’s style is how she makes her dishes approachable and simple while still keeping them diverse and inspired. You’ll find unique twists on family-favorites along with her own culinary creations to keep things interesting in the kitchen. Most of all, Amy is committed to doing all of this while making things from scratch and proving to us that handmade food doesn’t have to be difficult! More of a visual learner? Check out Amy’s YouTube Channel for recipes, tips, and even a few hilarious surprises.

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