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Despite its reputation as one of the most finicky and impossible-to-master desserts, a chocolate soufflé is actually quite simple to make at home. Succulent and sweet, this airy and light dessert boosts the sensuality of date night. Beth, Recipe Hunter

Beth Wittenstein, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Thomas Keller’s Chocolate Souffle

Love is but a chocolate soufflé

The word soufflé comes from the French verb souffler which means “to blow up” or more loosely “puff up,” which is exactly what happens in this sweet (but sometimes savory) classic French dish. Notoriously difficult to master, soufflés are often presented in movies and sitcoms in a comical light as characters inevitably fail at their baking attempts. But the fact is anyone can (and should) make a decent soufflé by just taking care to hit a few key steps. Have your eggs at room temperature, make sure the chocolate base is cooled before adding your egg whites, don’t over whip your eggs. To accompany the recipe for her stunning and mouth-watering chocolate soufflé, Jennifer breaks down the how-to with simple tips to help you achieve success.


Jennifer Maloney

Non-Profit Manager & Enthusiastic Home Cook

Jennifer Maloney

Plain and simply, I love great food. I've found the best food is made at home, with simple ingredients that are perfectly in season. I love uncomplicated recipes that let these great ingredients shine.

Jennifer Maloney is the mastermind behind Seasons and Suppers, a make-it-from-scratch, seasonal-if-possible, completely polished and dazzling food blog. Seasons and Suppers rocks a classic pastoral vibe, but includes recipes from all over history and time. From literally dangerous dutch babies to tandoori lettuce wraps, Jennifer’s recipes are often accessible, seasonal and tasty, accompanied by a gorgeous photograph and a slice of her life in Ontario. The rustic feel of Jennifer’s blog gives all of her recipes an earnest quality, as if every dish was created with the desire to create clean, honest food for her family and loved ones. In all likelihood, they were – but she has no problem welcoming us into her home.

Head over to Seasons and Suppers and say hello to Jennifer on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



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