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Mildly sweet and moist, this Latin inspired cake is light, fluffy, and soaked in an irresistible sauce made with three types of milk and a splash of rum. Alina’s Tres Leches Cake, with its distinct texture and meringue frosting, is swimming in a pool of deliciousness. Krysta, Recipe Hunter

Krysta Voskowsky


Tres Leches Cake

Three milks for a moist, sweet Latin-inspired cake

Have you ever found yourself doctoring a sad, dry, crumbly slice of cake with a scoop of ice cream or having to wash it down with cold milk? This classic Latin dessert, meaning “three milks” in Spanish, is the answer to your cake-prayers. Tres Leches is a surprisingly sturdy sponge cake, first baked, then soaked in a sauce of evaporated milk, condensed milk, cream, and rum to create the perfect dessert with varied consistency and angelic flavor. Alina puts a unique spin on this traditional treat by frosting it with airy meringue in place of standard whipped cream, and garnishing with plump red raspberries.


Alina Spradley

Blogger, Photographer, & Professional Interpreter

Alina Spradley from Red Star to Lone Star

I cook modern, simple Russian dishes in my Texas kitchen and enjoy writing about food from my home country. But perhaps even more I enjoy discovering the vast world of American cuisine.

Alina is a professional interpreter, blogger, and photographer with a passion for good food with an authentic sense of place. Alina grew up in Russia and moved to America during her college years, and loves experimenting with both cultures on the countertops in her Texas kitchen. She has a gift with creating modern Russian dishes as well as a finesse with American-inspired multicultural cooking. On her blog Red Star to Lone Star, she combines her talent for combining delicious ingredients with beautiful photography, delivering a truly fresh perspective on cooking as a way to make a house feel like home.

Head over to Red Star to Lone Star and say hello to Alina on Facebook and Twitter.


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