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Creamy, fluffy layers of white, dark, and milk chocolate mousse are stacked together for this luscious dessert that's the perfect way to say "I love you" to that special someone. Kate, Recipe Hunter

Kate Swanson, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Triple Chocolate Mousse

Nothing screams love like 3 layers of chocolate

We took a survey on our Facebook page last week to ask what our readers thought was the quintessential Valentine’s Day dessert. To no one’s surprise, the result was overwhelmingly: CHOCOLATE! So, we had to share this recipe that multiplies the amount of chocolate times three. White and milk chocolate mousse is layered on top of bittersweet chocolate mousse for a creamy, luscious, indulgent dessert that you and your special someone won’t be able to resist. By making one big batch of the mousse base, dividing it into 3, and then mixing in the chocolate separately, Liren makes this dessert easier to produce. And, we absolutely love the way she presents in clear glasses so you can see each beautiful layer as your diving in. If nothing says “I love you” like chocolate, then this dessert is the right way to show that special someone just how much you care.


Liren Baker

Food Writer / Photographer

Liren Baker from Kitchen Confidante

I am guided by two things: seasonality and nostalgia. I love finding the season's best and embrace it with gusto - there's always something exciting, even in winter! But my heart urges me to cook flavors that bring me back to my home in New York and my heritage.

Liren works wonders from her kitchen in the San Francisco Bay Area where the season’s bounty grows in her backyard (literally…kind of) throughout the year. With this constant culinary inspiration surrounding her every day, she shares her creations with us through her blog Kitchen Confidante. What we love most about her style is that it’s fresh, seasonal, and delicious. And, she makes her dishes look and taste impressive by taking the best ingredients, preparing them with minimal fuss, and letting the natural flavors shine through

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What is White Chocolate?

White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, milk solids, vanilla and sugar but does not contain cocoa solids like other types of chocolate.

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