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Stratas are incredibly easy to prepare, which make them great for entertaining friends for brunch. The individual serving size and sophisticated flavors of these Mini Tuscan Stratas transcend the boundaries of breakfast and transform them into a stress-free appetizer for a Mother’s Day celebration. Julia, Recipe Hunter

Julia Rackow, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Tuscan Stratas

Give Mom a reason to stay in bed this Mother's Day

For our pre-Mother’s Day Drinks & Apps edition we wanted to find a recipe that would be a great appetizer for morning brunch or for evening dinner and drinks. It also needed to be pretty foolproof, so anyone could make it for Mom’s special day. A strata is the ideal dish for entertaining without a fuss. They are best made the day before and the preparation is easy enough for kiddies to pitch in, both of which allow for more relaxation time for Mom. We love the fusion of brunch and appetizer potential in this particular Tuscan Strata recipe. Baking the strata in a muffin tin creates individual mini stratas, which makes the recipe perfect for small-plate appetizers, and the Tuscan-inspired flavors of this dish (like sun dried tomatoes and fontina cheese) add a touch of sophistication that goes beyond “breakfast food” to become a perfect starter for a delicious Italian meal. Whether you’re celebrating Mom or you are a Mom, these mini stratas make the perfect mouthful for a wonderful Mother’s Day brunch, lunch, or dinner!


Lisa Riedl and Anna Schaber

Food Bloggers, Photographers, Recipe Developers

Lisa Riedl Anna Schaber

We are moms and self-taught cooks who strive to make meal creation more approachable. At Garnish with Lemon, we hope to inspire other families to eat well and enjoy the process of cooking and creating in the kitchen.

As busy moms themselves, Lisa and Anna both know that cooking for a family can sometimes be more of a chore than a joy. They initially bonded over their love of food, family, and friends, and their blog, Garnish with Lemon, was created thanks to a shared desire to celebrate the oft-forgotten element of fun in home cooking. We love the variety of recipes they write about, from sauces to donuts to steaks (even the occasional cocktail!), all of which are completely approachable and certain to earn a round of applause. Whether it’s encouraging creativity or just sharing a particularly scrumptious meal, Lisa and Anna offer home cooks tips and tricks for transforming the idea of “slaving in the kitchen” to “playing in the kitchen.”

Head over to Garnish with Lemon and say hello to Anna and Lisa on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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