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Wondering what to do with that half of a watermelon you have in the fridge? Hold onto the last days of summer and turn it into a purée for this refreshing and fizzy Watermelon Mojito. Sarah, Recipe Hunter

Sarah Lim, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Watermelon Mojito

Save summer with this cocktail

As the summer winds down, we’re looking for any way possible to hold onto the warmth and this drink is pure sunshine in a glass. We’re big fans of adding fresh fruit to cocktails because it can turn something like a basic mojito into a seasonally special drink. (blackberry or cranberry, anyone?). At this time of year, we’re trying to snatch up as many huge, sweet watermelons as we can but there always seems to be plenty leftover in the fridge. Instead of just eating the watermelon as-is (which is always delicious), you can easily turn it into a fresh watermelon juice with no special equipment other than a blender required. Barb uses that as a base for this refreshing and lightly fruity mojito that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser at your end-of-summer BBQs.


Barbara Kiebel

Food and Cocktail Blogger, Web Developer

Barbara Kiebel from Creative Culinary

I love sharing food and cocktails with friends and family. My blog reflects that passion combined with my interest in bringing creativity to the dishes and drinks I prepare.

As a web developer by day (of many food blogs at that!) and the food & cocktail blogger behind Creative Culinary, Barbara shares her passion for good food and drink through fresh, and “approachable gourmet” recipes. She believes that the best meals are the ones experienced with family and friends and through her blog, she’s able to share not only her adventures in developing creative recipes but also the stories that inspired them. We’re especially fans of her Friday Cocktails series where, every week, she posts a delicious cocktail recipe, often inspired by her favorite local establishments in Colorado. If you want to keep your hungry (and thirsty) friends well-fed, make sure to check out Barbara’s blog!

Head over to Creative Culinary and say hello to Barbara on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


How to Make Fresh Watermelon Juice

Get creative with the abundant summer watermelon and instead of just eating it as-is, turn it into fresh watermelon juice for cocktails, punches, and more.

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  • Barbara | Creative Culinary

    Thanks for featuring a cocktail from my site; we’re enjoying a lot of watermelon this time of year; love some of your other suggestions too…thanks!