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Like other members of the gazpacho rainbow, white gazpacho is famously easy to make, fun to garnish, and perfectly refreshing on the hottest of summer days. Made with green grapes and blanched almonds, this variety stands out with a unique sweetness in every cooling spoonful. Lizzie, Recipe Hunter

Lizzie Tilchin


White Gazpacho with Grapes and Almonds

Chill out with chilled soup

Someone turned up the heat and we’re steering clear of the stove, oven, and anything else that will keep us from keeping our cool. Luckily, there is a whole delicious realm of refreshments out there destined for battling high temps, and one of the big players is gazpacho. You may now be picturing the zesty tomato-based forerunner, but “gazpacho” today is more of a color coordinated category, comprised of three main varieties (red, white, and green, all hailing in from Spain), rather than a reference to one in particular. Inspired by a meal she enjoyed at a cafe in Madrid years ago, Bobbi’s creation falls under the identity of “White Gazpacho” or “Ajo Blanco,” distinguished by those ingredients from which its title and color are derived – namely bread crumbs, almonds, and green grapes. These elements combine in a blender with a bit of garlic and vinegar and then enter into the fridge for some serious chilling action (you can chill while your soup chills), later to yield cool spoonfuls of bright flavor, balanced sweetness, and smooth consistency. Bobbi garnishes with traditional sliced grapes, slivered almonds, and chopped chives for a finished product that is as appealing to look as it is nearly effortless to make. You won’t even break a sweat (probably).


Bobbi Marstellar

Writer, Cooking Instructor, Culinary Explorer

Bobbi Marstellar - Bob Vivant

Like Julia Child, I believe in 'Everything in moderation, including moderation.' My cooking is veggie centric with meat as condiment and largely driven by what’s in our garden. I love to layer colors, textures, and flavors: Roasted beets + crispy sweet onions + horseradish creme fraiche + fresh chervil.

Bobbi is the brains behind Bob Vivant, a playfully titled blog (playing on “Bon Vivant”) that is home to all of her recipes, travel memories, stories, etc. With childhood beginnings punctuated by SpaghettiOs and Pop-tarts, Bobbi, a motivated dreamer, actively took it upon herself to start hitting the books (cookbooks), perusing the farmers market, and embarking on her own ambitious culinary adventures. Always keeping it sophisticated and seasonal, Bobbi not only cooks entirely from scratch but, equally if not more importantly, cooks straight from the heart, something that is evident in her writing. Each recipe is served with a meaningful anecdote that lets you get know the chef, whether it be related to an amusing childhood recollection or her most recent dietary adventure with her husband, Greg. You’ll be so drawn in by Bobbi’s storytelling that you’ll almost feel like you’re cooking together. As for the food, it all looks so good you’ll want to just bite it right out of the computer screen. You can also check out Bobbi’s favorite food quotes, which is pretty darn cool.

Head over to Bob Vivant and say hello to Bobbi on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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