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Zucchini Cilantro Soup with Chile and Mint

A fresh and spicy summer soup

This recipe is the epitome of Alanna’s style: seasonal, eclectic, and vibrant. It takes a simple ingredient like zucchini and brightens it up with roasted chiles for a bit of spice, cilantro, mint, and parsley for freshness, and a big squeeze of lime to bring it all together. One of the most unique things is how Alanna thickens the dish: with a corn tortilla! Instead of using butter, cream, or potatoes, a tortilla provides just enough body and a unique can’t-really-guess-what-it-is flavor to hold this soup together. Alanna suggests serving the soup warm but we imagine it would be fantastic cold as well.


Alanna Taylor-Tobin

Pastry Chef, Food Photographer, and Founder of The Bojon Gourmet

The Bojon Gourmet

Alanna Taylor-Tobin

I always let the seasons determine what I cook and bake, and I draw on flavors from around the world, using whole foods and high-quality ingredients. (Chocolate and whiskey are always in season in my book)

We love Alanna’s outlook on life – Bojon (no job spelled backwards – clever!). It’s the balance of being relaxed, living in the present, and making time for the things in life that are most important to you – a philosophy that Alanna extends to her cooking by making the most of what’s around her.  What’s even more interesting is that she’s a former restaurant pastry chef in San Francisco so her recipes are pretty darn on point as well. Make sure to check out her blog, The Bojon Gourmet, to be utterly inspired for your next meal and while you’re at it, why not learn more about the Bojon life for yourself?

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