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5 Things to Do with Leftover Cornbread

Summer means grilling, BBQs, and picnics and none of those would be complete without a pan of cornbread on the side. Even if your crowd doesn’t finish everything in one sitting, here are 5 creative ways to use cornbread if you have leftovers:

  1. Turn it into stuffing: Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be saved for November! Just cube up leftover cornbread, mix it with sauteed veggies, herbs, broth, and eggs for a delicious stuffing any time of the year.

  2. Make croutons: Sweet and savory cornbread makes delicious croutons for salad. Cut the cornbread with cubes, toss with oil and your favorite spices, then bake until crunchy.

  3. Turn it into breadcrumbs: Blend dry cornbread in the food processor to make crumbs then use as a topping for mac and cheese or even as a breading for chicken or pork.

  4. Make a breakfast bread pudding or strata: Turn an evening batch of cornbread into breakfast the next day. Spread evenly in a baking pan, toss with sauteed veggies, sausage, and bacon, then pour over equal parts of milk and eggs that are whisked together. Bake and you’ve got breakfast.

  5. Turn it into “french toast”: butter and griddle leftover slices of cornbread then drizzle with syrup for an irresistible twist on french toast.

So, if you have leftover cornbread after your summer picnic, don’t throw it away! With these clever ideas, you’ll be able to make sure not a crumb is left untouched.