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6 Tips for Perfectly Grilled Vegetables

Vegetables cook quickly on the grill and acquire a delicious smoky flavor that cannot be achieved through any other preparation. There are a whole bunch of veggies that perform well under grilling conditions. Here are some tips to help guide your next grilling endeavor:

1. Be sure to start with a clean grill for the best flavor/ to keep veggies from sticking.

2. Toss vegetables with a little bit of oil before throwing them onto the grill, or they may dry out or stick to the grates. This will also help you season evenly.

3. The denser the veggie, the longer it will take to cook. You can pre-boil denser veggies, like potatoes, in order to bring down their cooking time.

4. Some veggies are best pre-marinaded to reach their full grill-tastic potential. Portobello Mushrooms, for example.

5. To grill smaller veggies (cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes, etc.) use a skewer to keep them from going rogue and rolling away.

6. Cut round veggies (onions, eggplant) into half-inch “rounds” for a crispy outside and tender inside.

Vegetables will cook faster than any meats. Keep an eye on your veggies to make sure they aren’t burning!