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Baking Tips: Keep Your Spatula from Sticking

If you’re trying to evenly spread batter, chocolate, or other sticky substances in your baking or candy making, you’ve probably noticed that much of it often ends up sticking to your spatula. Working with a silicone-based tool can help with this, but it’s not fool-proof. Here’s our trick for no-stick spatulas:

Lightly spray the spatula on both sides with cooking spray. As you notice the batter starting to stick, rinse and wipe the spatula then spray again and continue. No cooking spray? Just dip a paper towel into a neutral flavored oil and rub both sides.

The oil in the cooking spray will help the batter slide right off with no sticking. Don’t forget, you can also use the spray to make it easier to scoop cookie batter, slice cookie dough, and to keep honey from sticking.