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How to Cook Perfect Grits

A great bowl of grits is a true thing of beauty: warm and comforting in all the right ways. But cooking grits perfectly requires a few small bits of knowledge. Regardless of whether you’re using the regular or quick-cook variety, follow these tips to learn how to make perfect grits every time.

First, be sure to salt your cooking liquid. Regardless of whether you’re cooking grits in water, chicken broth, or milk, you must salt the liquid before cooking as cooked grits won’t absorb anymore salt.

Next, whisk your grits. Whisking grits when adding them to the cooking liquid is imperative because, if you fail to do so, you will be left with a lumpy mess. In addition, whisking grits throughout the cooking process leads to a creamier bowl of goodness in the end.

If you like your grits extra creamy, feel free to add some dairy to your cooking liquid. However, be sure to use milk, not cream. Grits don’t absorb cream nearly as well as they absorb milk, so for extra creamy grits, cook in a mixture of half water and half milk or half chicken broth and half milk, depending on the dish.