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How to Make Crushed Ice for Cocktails

Certain cocktails like whiskey smashes and mint juleps are traditionally served with crushed ice instead of cubed ice. Most bars have a fancy contraption similar to a sno-cone machine to make their crushed ice. When you’re bartending at home, there’s no need for another gadget. Here’s how to easily make crushed ice for cocktails:

Open up a tea towel. In the middle, add a pile of ice cubes. Wrap up the towel around the ice cubes to make a pouch. Using a rolling pin, small frying pan, or back of a large spoon, whack the ice cubes to break it up. With a little bit of force, you’ll have perfectly crushed ice.

This is great way to show off your mixology skills with a little trick using things you already have at home. Need crushed ice for a crowd? Just use a larger towel and more ice or crush smaller batches and store them in a bowl in the freezer until ready to use.