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How to Purée Hot Soup in a Blender without an Explosion

One of the main problems most people have when trying to purée hot soup in a blender is that the soup can explode, splattering hot liquid all over you. This happens because hot liquids expand when blended. Have you ever wondered how to prevent this from happening?

Here are 2 ways to purée hot soup in a blender without an explosion:

Method 1: Traditional

  1. Remove the cap or stopper from the lid of the blender.

  2. Fill the blender no more than halfway with soup.

  3. Place the lid on the blender and cover the hole with a thick folded tea towel, holding it in place with your hand.

  4. Start the blender on low to get it going and slowly lift up the towel to let some of the steam escape.

  5. After it starts to purée, you can turn up the power to reach your desired consistency.

Method 2: Crazy, but It Works!

  1. Remove the lid completely from the blender.

  2. Start the blender on low with nothing in it.

  3. Slowly add the soup, one ladle at a time to the uncovered blender, until it reaches half the capacity of the blender jar.

  4. Pour out and continue as needed.

In both methods, the main goal is to allow some of the steam to escape while blending the hot soup so it doesn’t get trapped inside the blender causing an explosion. The second method may sound crazy but it actually works like a charm since any chunks in the soup get immediately broken down when they hit the blades. Either way you go, you’ll be rewarded with a silky smooth soup that stays in the jar.

  • Smirlykid

    I wish I would have read this before I burned my arm!

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  • Sarah

    mine exploded anyway….I did what was said instinctively and it still didn’t work

  • j2hess

    The liquids are already as hot and expanded as they’re going to get when they go into the blender. However, blending transfers the heat to the air inside the blender, making it expand. Some people say it’s steam, but I never seen steam escaping.

    By just loosening the center cup, which allows it to rise and excess pressure to escape, we can blend with a full load of soup. I speculate that filling it almost to the lid means that there is less air to expand.