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How to Rim a Cocktail Glass with Salt or Sugar (The Right Way)

We’re all familiar with the salted rim of a margarita, but you can do so much more by using spices or flavors that complement what’s in the cocktail itself. It’s easy enough to just dip the glass into liquid then salt or sugar but the problem is that whatever coats the inside of the glass just falls into the drink, messing up your presentation and affecting the flavor you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Here’s how to rim your glass the right way:

  • Instead of dipping the entire rim in liquid, use a lemon, lime, orange, or just your (clean) finger dipped in water, to moisten the outside of the rim only.

  • Pour a thin layer of your seasoning onto a plate.

  • Don’t dip the glass! Tilt the glass and roll the edge in the seasoning so only the outside gets coated.

That’s it! The same ingredients and just a little change in technique will ensure that your cocktail glass is perfectly coated for a  beautiful presentation. Get creative with your spice combinations to add an extra flavor punch to your drinks.