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How to Shave Carrots into Ribbons

Though most people think of dicing or shredding carrots for salads, shaving carrots into ribbons is another preparation that produces a great aesthetic. You may wonder if you must necessarily have to own a mandolin or other special tool to produce those beautiful thin ribbons of carrot. But actually, we’re going to teach you how to shave carrots in a surprisingly simple way that requires no special tools. Just grab your veggie peeler and get shaving!

First, peel the carrots as you usually would, removing just the outer layer that was exposed to the ground. Then, hold the carrot by the thicker end and slide the vegetable peeler away from you. This will produce thin ribbons of carrot. Continue to shave from the same place in order to get wide ribbons.

This same technique can be applied to a variety of vegetables, including summer veggies like yellow squash and zucchini and root veggies like beets, radishes and turnips. Shave your favorite veggies and dress with a light vinaigrette for a fresh and flavorful salad.