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How to Store and Prepare Fresh Figs

How to Store and Prepare Fresh Figs


Fig season only comes around for a fleeting period each year, so once you have selected the perfect ones from your grocery store or farmer’s market, you don’t want to waste your time and money by letting them be damaged or go bad. It is crucial to store your figs properly after purchasing and to handle them gently before eating. Take full advantage of this delicate summer fruit by following the below list of tips:

To store:

  1. Buy figs only a day or two in advance of eating them, as they are one of the most perishable produce items. Ripe figs feel plump and give slightly when squeezed but are not overly hard or mushy.
  2. Figs can be stored on the counter at room temperature, but they keep fresher a bit longer in the fridge.
  3. Store ripe figs on a paper towel-lined plate or shallow container. Do not stack them. Spread them out and arrange in one layer to avoid bruising and allow for air circulation.
  4. Cover plate tightly with plastic wrap or use a container with an airtight lid to ensure that the figs do not get crushed, dried out, or absorb odors from surrounding foods.
  5. If you purchase slightly under ripe figs, keep them on a plate on the counter out of direct sunlight to ripen them a little quicker.

To eat:

  1. Wash under cool water, pat dry, and gently remove the stems by twisting with your fingers.
  2. With the stem removed, figs can be carefully sliced to display their pretty flesh or served and eaten whole.

With these six tips, you can protect your produce and ensure that you are able to take pleasure in some of the best fruit that summer has to offer. Whether raw, cooked, sweet, or savory, figs are best prepared simply to allow their unique flavor and texture to be at the forefront of any dish.

(Photo credit: arsheffield on Flickr)