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Mixology 101: When to Shake, When to Stir

How can we forget James Bond’s infamous preference for his martini “shaken, not stirred?” While the sight of vigorously shaking a cocktail in perfect rhythm may make you the dapper envy of your friends, it turns out that Bond may not be so reliable after all. According to master mixologists, here are the general rules about when to shake and when to stir your cocktails:

  • Shake cocktails when they include fruit juices, cream, egg whites, simple syrup, or other thicker, flavored mixers. Shaking will combine the ingredients thoroughly and give the drink a slightly cloudy appearance.

  • Stir cocktails when the ingredients are all alcohol or include very light mixers. Stirring will allow the drink to cool thoroughly without clouding the color of the spirits.

If Bond was the martini¬†connoisseur¬† we thought, he would have ordered his drink “stirred, not shaken” but alas, we must let bygones be bygones. Next time you want to truly impress your guests with your mixology skills, keep both a shaker and long spoon nearby and use the right method at the right time.