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Save Your Scraps for Vegetable Stock

Save your vegetable scraps for stock
If you cook often, chances are that your trash can is filled with skins, ends, and other random bits from all of the veggies you’ve chopped throughout the week. If you’re tired of shelling out money at the store for bland vegetable broth (or any broth for that matter), here’s a clever trick from professional chefs to use up all of those odds and ends for an easy and flavorful homemade vegetable stock:

In your freezer, keep a gallon-size zip-top bag to store all of the trimmings from your veggies including onion peels, carrot skins, celery tips, potatoes, greens, garlic, and herbs. Once the bag is full, wash then cover everything in a big pot with water. Simmer for 30-45 minutes, then strain, cool, and store in your freezer.

All of the throw-away parts actually contain a ton of flavor so reduce your waste and get the most bang for your buck by saving them and making your own stock. Unlike chicken stock, which requires several hours of cooking time, vegetable stock needs no more than 45 minutes to become richly flavored and delicious.