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Should I Rinse Canned Beans?

It’s no secret that canned beans are one of our favorite pantry staple convenience foods (and, one of the few canned foods we don’t mind using). If you’ve ever popped open a can of beans, you’ll notice that they’re surrounded by a thick, not-too-appealing liquid. Different people have different opinions on whether you should rinse the beans or not, but here’s why you should:

The thick, starchy liquid in canned beans contains most of the sodium, can discolor your dishes, and also is reportedly where most of the stomach-problem-inducing properties of canned beans are.

One of the biggest strikes against most canned foods is the high sodium content so by rinsing the liquid off of canned beans, you can help make them even healthier. And, if you want your bean dishes to stay beautiful, always rinse!