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How to Slice 12 Cherry Tomatoes in 5 Seconds

Ripe summer cherry tomatoes are bursting with sweetness at this time of year but they can be pesky to slice since they’re so small. With this ingenious trick, you can slice 12 cherry tomatoes in no time (literally).

Step 1: Place cherry tomatoes in a single layer on top of a round plastic take-out container lid with the top of the lid facing up.
Slice Cherry Tomatoes Step 1


Step 2: Cover the tomatoes with another plastic lid, this time with the top of the lid touching the tomatoes.
Slice Cherry Tomatoes Step 2


Step 3: Press down gently to hold the tomatoes in place and run a large knife in between the two lids.
Slice Cherry Tomatoes Step 3


Step 4: That’s it! Uniformly sliced cherry tomatoes ready for your recipe
Slice Cherry Tomatoes Step 4

  • Dee

    Do you know how to make celery rings

    • @e0a9289fb3cc219a37fa97def31355d8:disqus What do you mean by celery rings? Not sure that we’ve heard of them!