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The Secret to Crumbly Streusel

Ah, streusel. The combination of butter, flour, and sugar (and often oats and spices) adds a crunchy topping to muffins, quick breads, and more. Often, a streusel topping ends up becoming nothing more than a flat, lifeless layer rather than big, crunchy crumbles that are oh so irresistible. So, what’s the secret?

For the most crumbly streusel topping, do not overmix the ingredients! Mix lightly with your fingers until they barely come together instead of trying to make one consistent chunk and breaking it into pieces.

The chunks of butter layered in between the dry ingredients will keep your streusel chunky and allow it to get crispy instead of spreading out too much. So, if you’re gentle and start with a crumbly uncooked topping, your final result will be perfect.