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What’s the Difference Between Spanish and Mexican Chorizo?

Chorizo is a spicy red pork sausage used throughout Central and Latin America (especially in Mexico) as well as on the Iberian Peninsula in both Spain and Portugal. Did you know that there are two general types of chorizo? Here’s the difference:

  • Spanish chorizo is a cured and/or smoked pork sausage traditionally flavored with dried smoked red chilies or smoked paprika giving it a unique smoky flavor. Most kinds can be sliced and eaten without cooking like charcuterie but it can also be diced and sauteed.

  • Mexican chorizo is a fresh, raw pork sausage made by combining ground pork, dried red chilies, spices, and vinegar. Unlike Spanish chorizo, Mexican chorizo needs to be cooked before eating.

While they both have the same name, Spanish and Mexican chorizo are quite different but equally delicious. In most major grocery stores, you can find some type of Spanish chorizo in the Spanish or international aisle. For Mexican chorizo, you may have to go to a Mexican market…or you can make your own!